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Monday, August 24, 2009

Passionflower Design - Store Shots

By popular demand, well actually my friend Peggy Flynn who makes, what I think are the world's cutest sachets, went to the blog and wanted to know where the photos of the store are.
So here you go -
Our mascot - the Passionflower

An array of Sid Dickens tiles behind our front counter. Plus note the fabulous Moroccan screen.
Oh and also how beautiful is the lacquered Asian screen in far left?
Jewelry world

A long view of what we affectionately call "The Cupcake Table"
Cindy of Tarte designed this to serve cupcakes at a wedding last summer.
I promptly purchased it as soon as the nuptials were done.
And here's our Bedding World.
I feel lucky to work in such a beautiful place.

And it doesn't hurt that we have almost 50 feet of northern facing windows.
Makes everything feel open and bright.
Stay tuned for more close up of store shots.

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