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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Iced Tea Surprise at Pizza Research Institute

Must nourish the creative juices.
Went to the new Pizza Research Institute for dinner last night.
Big Yummy! It's huge. They converted a shipping container into their kitchen.

And their menu is as witty as ever.

Rumor has it , in the teeny tiny old space, you used to be able to bring in fresh and wildcrafted foods to trade for pizza. PRI -
the early research days. I think they have it down now.
Peaches on your pizza?

It was a pretty good slice of pie. I had grilled asparagus with fresh tomato and garlic.
But what really charmed me to no end.
Were the oh so cool ice cubes in my iced tea.
I have to find out more about those ice cubes.

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