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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Favorite Flower of the Moment - Teasel

Here's a partial view of my backyard weed patch - er we'll call it my wildflower meadow...that sounds better. These are teasels.....and they're about 8 feet tall....books say this plant doesn't get over eight feet and I'm here to tell you , that just isn't so. I can be fickle about my flowers - loving whatever is right in front of me as though it is the only and the most beautiful flower I have ever seen.....(this could be from reading too much Saint Exupery as a child)...And so it is with the common weed named teasel - latin: dipsacus fullonom.

There's something magical about it. If you look at it carefully you see how it only flowers in rings around the head. Sometimes one ring, sometime two. And never in exactly the same place on any two heads.
And it also has this tactile quality of being very soft (the young head really is quite soft) and prickly at the same time. Maybe that's why I like it!
And look at the head on the left. See that soft purple haze across it? That may, or may not develop into the floral halo. This may be as far as it ever gets towards flowering. I find this very poignant - a flower that is only suggesting it's possibility and doing it so subtlely.

Here it is in the cooler with some locally grown, fuzzy wuzzy, lavender liatris. Who knew I would ever LOVE liatris? I can be so fickle.

Stay tuned for more favorite flowers.

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